Heartwisdom of the Week
Heartwisdom Inspiration of the Week

"You Are Your Only Limitation"

   "My dear ones, how often have you asked for less than what you desire?  There is not an undeserving cell within your body and yet you judge your self unworthy.  You are a Child of God and deserving of every abundance of the Universe.  Begin seeing your Self through the eyes of your Creator.  Would God create anything other than perfection in his own Child?

    Listen to the truth within your heart and glory in your connection to the Divine.  Search for the truth of your existence through the experience of living.  Allow your Self to believe that all things are possible and then accept the fruition of your dreams.  Begin with a grateful heart and set your desire and intent.  Be grandiose, expect miracles.  Pretend to believe you truly are a Child of God, then step back and enjoy the fulfillment of your dreams.   For you are indeed an infinite being living in an infinitely abundant Universe.  "

You are encouraged to substitute the word 'God' with whatever word you personally experience in feeling and describing Life and the Creative Intelligence behind all things, whether that is Buddha, Allah, Great Spirit, Creator, God or Goddess.  This is only a limited word for a limitless expression.

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