Universal White Time Healing
Universal White Time compares the body to a musical instrument, existing in a perfect balance of vibration and tone (in tune). When the body, mind and/or spirit feel restricted, sick or out of balance, the instrument plays out of tune.

Universal White Time differs from other healing modalities in its intelligent use of the exact colors, tones, frequencies and times required to restore balance within an individual.  In addition to its physical eff
icacy, at a core cellular (atomic) level, it works on the subtlest of thoughts, emotions and dreams, opening the individual to discover new and effective ways to solve problems, inspire new ideas and increase positive life experience.  Universal White Time is unlimited in its applications.  In addition to its use on the physical level, it heals and shifts situations, relationship and goals, through creating that which you desire and bringing clarity where it is needed.

Universal White Time creates  balance between those frequencies carried and produced within and those surrounding and received from without.  It harmonizes communication between mind, body and spirit and the outside world.

Universal White Time is a gentle, yet powerful tool for transforming life.  It requires nothing other than for you to show up and open yourself to the opportunity and experience that it offers.  Whether in person (hands on), or distance (remote, the transference of this energy is equally effective.  Each Session is tailored to meet the needs of the client, offering the highest level of benefit.

Universal White Time session can take various forms (including gemstone layouts, chakra cleansing and auric clearings within the Universal White Time modality).  Typically, treatments resemble bodywork appointment.  The receiver lies full clothed on a massage table with the Practitioner's hands lightly placed, palms down, on specific points above or directly on the client.

See our Agenda for currently scheduled practitioner certification classes.

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