UWT Practitioner Level 4

Level IV Universal White Time Practitioner
training is the second and final step in the Higher School of Knowledge presently taught and open to those who have completed their Level I, II and III certifications.  This is a level where the individual must grow personally and spiritually in order to be accepted into a class.  Level IV is as much about your own levels of awareness, spiritual evolution and inner enlightenment as it is about healing applications. 

Personal frequency is exponentially increased through Level IV initiations, expanding your system for increased spiritual abilities while connecting you directly with your guides and mentors for ongoing transformation and growth throughout your lifetime

In this highly advanced and experiential class of Universal White Time Practitioner Training, this is some of what you will learn:

Advanced Healing Techniques
Soul Travel through Meditation
Advanced and Deep Aura Clearing
Connecting to All Forms of Life
Advanced Scanning with the Hands
Working with Advanced Beings
Clearing Fears and Programming

Animal communication
Cutting negative cords
Deep cleansing of the chakras
Working with your etheric hands
Healing large groups
Spiritual openings and ceremonies
Healing with your entire being
Healing with your voice
Advanced Universal White Time Gemstone Layouts
Advanced Universal White Time Symbols
The Complete Form of the Golden Movement

Upon successful completion of this five day advanced course, you will receive certification as a Level IV Advanced Universal White Time Practitioner.

Three to six weeks after completion of your Level IV training, you will have the option of scheduling your 10,000 step upgrade providing you with the increased force of the equivalent of 10,000 hours of healing work.

Six balanced and harmonized celestial gemstone layouts are available for for purchase during class to use with Level IV healing work and beyond.

See our agenda for currently scheduled classes.  Class Tuition: $1300       

 Register for this class now.

Optional Gemstone Layouts:

Level IV Celestial gemstone layout of six (6) sets $350

10,000 Step Upgrade:

  This upgrade is available only to Level IV Certified Practitioners and may be scheduled every 4 - 6 weeks at your discretion and intuition. $100

Bonus Pack Upgrades - buy 5 and receive 1 free! $500

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