UWT Practitioner Level 3

Level III Universal White Time Practitioner
training is the first step in the Higher School of Knowledge and open to those who have completed their Level I and Level II certifications.  During this class, students will begin developing a greater awareness in the understanding of their True Self while learning advanced techniques of healing. 

Increased personal frequency is significantly expanded through Level III initiations, opening up an additional 72 blocks within your system for increased spiritual abilities.

Already a Level III Practitioner?  Click here for free video access to the Golden Movement ~ Parts 1 - 3 and any news updates!

As a student of Level III Universal White Time Practitioner Training, this is some of what you will learn:

Vertebrae Scanning
Aura Scanning Techniques
Advanced and Deep Aura Cleansing
Opening the Third Eye
Scanning with the Hands
Grounding Others at a Distance
Sending Light Tubes (extended energy) on Distance
Working with Color and Geometric Shapes
Balancing Right and Left Sides of the Body
Advanced Universal White Time Gemstone Layouts
Advanced Universal White Time Symbols
Golden Movement, Part Three. 

Upon successful completion of this four day advanced course, you will receive certification as a Level III Universal White Time Practitioner.

During the course of this training and shortly thereafter, there is the option of receiving two additional initiations designed to 'upgrade' your system and expand your abilities.  Though these are not required for Level III, they must be completed prior to beginning Level IV training.

Two extensive, balanced and harmonized gemstone layouts are available for purchase during class to use with Level III healing work.

See our agenda for currently scheduled classes. 

Class Tuition:  $725  

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Upgrades of Energy Matrix:

Prior to moving into Level IV Practitioner training, there are two energy  upgrades that are required to be completed.  You may choose to upgrade some time between classes for $50 per attunement or you may choose to have both upgrades during the Level III class for a discount of both for $75.

Optional Gemstone Layouts:

Level III Basic 1 gemstone layout for balancing and aligning your body and aura &  the Basic 2 more advanced layout for deeply healing both the body and the aura. $185 without gold.  (As the prices of Gold have jumped, you may use a gold ring or purchase gold separately for the Basic 2 layout, please inquire as to additional cost.)


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