UWT Practitioner Level 1

Level I of Universal White Time Healing
is a first step in a series of practitioner levels. During this class, students will learn about and be connected to the source of Universal White Time while raising their frequency and understanding through several initiations.

As a student of Level I Universal White Time Practitioner Training you will learn:

Hands on Healing
Self Healing
Distance Healing
Aura Cleansing
Chakra Balancing
Introduction to Universal White Time Gemstone Healing
Basic Universal White Time Symbols
Golden Movement, Part One

Upon successful completion of this two day course, you will receive certification as a Level I Universal White Time Practitioner.

See our agenda for currently scheduled classes.  Class Tuition: $425

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Optional Level I Gemstone Healing Layout for connecting with the 11 rays of your Higher Self.  $55.00

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