Universal White Time Classes
Lighted Spirit Institute offers U.S. Certification Classes for
Practitioners and Teachers

It is with deep respect and integrity that all levels of Universal White Time Healing practitioner trainings are taught through Lighted Spirit Institute.

Universal White Time Healing is an advanced energetic healing modality that is intricately
connected to all of creation and to the divine force behind it.  This is a modality that canbe used both hands on and remotely in working with yourself and your issues, with individuals, groups, situations, life and every other aspect you can imagine.  Many of our students take practitioner classes simply as a way of increasing their own personal frequencies and to work with life situations, rarely venturing into the realm of active practitioner.  Those practitioners who integrate this work into their existing practices are filled with a deepening awareness and appreciation for the continuing increase in the level of their abilities.

There are four levels of Practitioner training and four levels of Teacher training, each building one upon the other both in personal frequency through initiations and understanding through education and hands on applications.  Lighted Spirit Institute provides training for all levels of Practitioner through the first level of Teacher at this time.

You may find our current training schedule on the Agenda page.  If you cannot locate the class you would have interest in, please do contact us directly at

Universal White Time Practitioner - Level I

Universal White Time Practitioner - Level II

Universal White Time Practitioner - Level III

Universal White Time Practitioner - Level IV

Universal White Time Teacher - Level I

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