Teacher Training Level I
Experience a comprehensive Four-Day Certification Training to become a Level I Teacher of Universal White Time Healing Practitioners.  You are provided education in the training, certification and initiations of Universal White Time Healing Level I Practitioners according to the guidelines of Universal White Time Healing.  A Teacher candidate must have completed a minimum of UWT Level I & II Practitioner training and be accepted into the course.

Whether you have intention to teach or simply wish to integrate the higher energies and frequency of the Teacher Force, this training will touch your heart.  It is a time of 'peering behind the veils' to receive a deeper understanding of the incredible beauty and love which exists in unconditional service.  The words of initiation awaken a deep and abiding love and humility for your role in the holding and radiance of Universal Energy both as a student of and Teacher within Universal White Time Healing.

Teacher classes are not advertised and are presented as students are ready or through inquiry.  If you would like to learn how to teach practitioners and your heart overflows at the thought of sharing this amazing energy with others, please send a direct inquiry to Teressa@LightedSpirit.com

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