Sessions / Payments

...........................Energy Healing Sessions..........................

Private Individually Tailored Energy/Coaching Sessions

30 minute Session   Private Energy Session     

45 minute Session   Private Energy Session     

1.0 Hour Session     Private Energy Session     

1.5 Hour Session     Private Energy Session     

2.0 Hour Session     Private Energy Session     

2.5 Hour Session     Private Energy Session     

Advanced Remote Energetic Sessions
1 Session             *Advanced Remote Session 
  *This session is fully remote and without verbal or visual interaction

Includes one of the advanced energy choices below

Advanced Energy Choices
Chakra Clearing / Balancing
Advanced Aura Cleansing
Physical Balancing and Realignment
Clearing of Negative Cords
Sacred Geometry / Color Layouts
Spiritual Openings

...........Higher Harmonics Gemstone Healing Sessions...........

In Person
1.0 Hour Session          Higher Harmonics Session    

1.5 Hour Session          Higher Harmonics Session    

2.0 Hour Session          Higher Harmonics Session    

1.0 Hour Session          Higher Harmonics Remote    
Choose two (2) layouts

Transformational Life Coaching / Spiritual Coaching Sessions

Sessions quoted may be in person or through Skype conferencing

1.0 Hour Individual Coaching Session                      
To save on session cost, see our packages below.

1.5  Hour Couples Coaching Session                       
To save on session cost, see our packages below.

4 Session Package Individua
l TLC or Spiritual Coaching Sessions includes (4) 1.0 hours per session and must be completed within three months from date of first appointment.               

3 Session Package Couples
TLC or Spiritual Coaching Sessions that includes (3) 1.5 hours per session and must be completed within two months from date of first appointment.           

..........................Past Life Regression Sessions....................

Private Past Life Regression Session   Your private regression session utilizes the Jameison Method.  The Jameison Method is a non-hypnotic method of accessing your Highest Self as a conscious guide to lead you through the labyrinth of your past in healing emotional traumas still affecting your life today.  This session typically lasts between 2.5 and 3.0 hours.  

SKYPE or PHONE Regression Session  

...............................Energy UPGRADES..............................

Level IV Practitioners Only

10,000 Step Upgrade (1)      

Series of three (3) 10,000 step upgrades, scheduled every 2 - 6 weeks  

Series of six (6) 10,000 step upgrades, scheduled every 2 - 6 weeks   

...............LIFEfield Technique Clearing Sessions................

Private In Person Session

A private session is when you are working one on one in person with a Practitioner.  Your Practitioner will review the clearing process with you beforehand allowing you to ask any questions you might have.  The entire process takes about an hour to 90 minutes.  You will be comfortably seated in a chair or asked to lay quietly on a massage table while fully clothed and guided through a series of meditations.  Any negative energies impacting your energy fields will be cleared and healed prior to beginning the rebalancing of your life fields.  Negative energies in any form can have a disruptive effect on your energy fields, potentially reducing their ability to flow and move easily, making you a magnet for more negativity.  Once these energies are transformed, your Practitioner will begin the LIFEfield process of identifying and rebalancing emotional charges that have been negatively impacting your life.  The clearing itself is done in a quiet and gentle manner, with your Practitioner acting as a conduit to flow the precise LIFEfield frequency through your physical and energetic systems.  This process is leaving an improved flow of life force energies allowing you to connect more fully with your authentic self.  Most people feel very relaxed, often falling fast asleep and awaking with a sense of lightness and space.  Many have described this as a deep feeling of peace.
Private Session

Remote/Distance Session
Remote sessions are only available through Advanced Certified Practitioners and are equally strong and effective.  The majority of LIFEfield clients have received their clearings by distance as the technique is being received worldwide and our practitioner base, though growing, is still limited geographically.  The remote session follows the same guidelines as a private session and takes approximately the same length of time.  48 hours prior to your scheduled clearing you will receive detailed instructions by email. During your clearing you will be asked to set your intentions and lie down or relax in a way of your choice in the privacy of your own home.  Your Practitioner has been trained to 'tune in' to your unique energy signature using your full name, address, date of birth and a recent photograph to perform the clearing.  Many people have shared a feeling of being surrounded by a pure, light energy and either fall asleep for several hours or snap suddenly awake at the end of the session feeling clear and energized.  Afterward, your Practitioner will contact you within 48 - 72 hours with additional instructions and transformational tools.  Most follow-up and questions/answers are done through email correspondence.
Remote Session

LIFEfield Session w/TLC Coaching Package
This package includes a remote LIFEfield Session and three remote or private personal 1.0 hour Transformational Life Coaching sessions.  This is recommended for those who would like more in depth support for their unique life circumstances and who may not have a strong support system.  TLC coaching sessions may include the use of energy healing techniques, transformational tools, exercises and homework designed to help you identify your original dream and create practical ways to manifest it.  Coaching sessions can be done in person or by phone.  
Remote Clearing w/TLC coaching package 

Advanced Health Clearing (Miasma)
This clearing is available only through an Advanced Certified Practitioner and may be scheduled four to six weeks after your life fields have been cleared, and done remotely or in person.  The purpose of the AHC is to more precisely focus on the energetic signatures underlying miasma's, enhance and energetically strengthen the immune system, while activating the compassionate heart.  Miasma's are inherited, genetic or trauma related triggers that have or may influence in the future an individuals predisposition for health issues.  There have been beneficial results in instances of chronic and crisis related issues.  This is an energy based clearing and non-medical in nature.  Unless medically certified, Practitioners do not diagnose or treat medical conditions.  We strongly recommend that you consult with your personal physician regarding all medical issues.
Private Miasma Session   
Remote Miasma Session  

Home, Business & Property Clearing
This is an Advanced Certified Practitioner technique for a remote or private session clearing negative energies and imprints affecting buildings and property up to *2000 square feet and half acre; restoring harmony to homes, buildings, offices and land.  Property clearings are primarily remote sessions and do require full address and multiple photos of the interior and exterior of buildings.  We've all walked into a home, building or office and either felt happy, neutral or simply wanted to turn around and get out.  This is because the life of a home or building contains energetic imprints from the emotional traumas acted out in them or in the case of land, on them.  These energy outbursts literally implant into the physical materials of the buildings themselves or the land and require clearing to rebalance and neutralize the negativity. 

On Site Clearing 
(*Additional charges may be incurred for homes and land exceeding the above and for travel beyond 20 miles.)

Remote Clearing 
(*Additional charges may be incurred for homes and land exceeding the above.)

Animal Clearing
LIFEfield Clearing of animals rebalances fields from imprints acquired through mishandling, misunderstanding, trauma and environmental triggers. This clearing is excellent for horses, cats, dogs and others. 
On Site Session  
$265.00  Plus travel to/from site
Remote Session 

Family Group Clearing
This is a LIFEfield Clearing for a family group up to four persons. Family group would be parent (s) and minor children under the age of eighteen.  The Family Group clearing is intended to make it easier for families to clear together. This is for a related group clearing only and will require a photo of your family in one picture with identifying information. All individuals and their fields will be cleared simultaneously during your remote appointment.  

To schedule an appointment
Use our easy Schedule Session form or Contact us directly to schedule an appointment by calling 520-256-0058 and leave your information with the best time to call you back.  Appointments are generally scheduled within 3 to 7 days.
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