Regression Classes
Jameison Method of Past Life Regression Therapy
Facilitator Certification ~ USA

Learn to understand the current life effects of past-life trauma and how to facilitate regressions using the Jameison non-hypnotic method working with your client's Higher Self.  Train in the recovery of self, release of trauma and integration of the Soul through the experience and clearing of unresolved emotional charges from past lives.  These unresolved issues continue to affect the present life until integrated through resolution.  Full course materials and experiential practice; theory and application. 

During the course of training you will be supervised during the giving and receiving of regressions.  Internship and materials submission outside of class is required prior to full certification
Prerequisite:  Inquiry, Application and Acceptance into training.

Jameison MethodTM Past Life Regression Therapy ~ Six Day Intensive for Certification

Small class sizes accommodate individual needs and learning abilities.  If you are interested in becoming a Past Life Therapist and don't see a suitable training time, simply contact us directly and we will work with you to create a timely class.  We are willing to train with a minimum of two students.

Tuition: $2250.00

Check our Agenda for upcoming classes!
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