Miasma Clearing
The Advanced Health Fields or Miasma Clearing, includes a triad of very focused intentions.  This clearing is available only through an Advanced Certified Practitioner and may be scheduled three weeks after your LIFEfields have been cleared.  A Miasma Clearing may be completed remotely or in person.  The purpose of the AHC is to more precisely focus on the energetic signatures underlying miasma's, enhance and energetically strengthen the immune system, while activating the core compassionate heart. 

Miasma's are inherited, genetic or trauma related triggers that have or may influence in the future an individuals predisposition for health issues.  Severe trauma's, grief and loss can trigger latent miasms.  There have been beneficial results in instances of chronic and crisis related issues as a result of this specific clearing.  This is a focused, energy based clearing and non-medical in nature. 

Unless medically certified, Practitioners do not diagnose or treat medical conditions.  We strongly recommend that you consult with your personal physician regarding all medical issues.

This clearing is $250.00 and may be scheduled here.

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