LIFEfield Technique
The LIFEfield TechniqueTM changes our lives and our relationships, returning balance to our bodies, our hearts, our families and our world.                                               

With the LIFEfield TechniqueTM you can shift perceptions and release fearful limitations, unbalanced emotional charges and false assumptions from others.  Your clear life field allows you to discover what is true for you and what brings you real happiness.  Now is the best moment to become clear and impeccable in the way you impact yourself, your loved ones and your world. The impeccable path of discovery to true happiness is one clearly anchored in your original being; the divine blueprint you were born to express.  A LIFEfield clearing quickly and gently
rebalances you with your original being, providing a solid foundation and springboard for creating a life of authenticity.

Did you know that the average person is only receiving a fraction of the life force energies they're entitled to?  Each time you have a strong emotional reaction to a life event, whether it's a trauma, a judgment, a projection, or an input of false information; there is an emotional 'charge' created in your body and your bio-energetic field or aura.

These charges act to block the flow of life force energies each of us receives every day.  The more charges in your fields, the more you have to work to accomplish the daily tasks of living, moving quickly into auto-pilot just to get by.  These charges continue to keep you living in the past and experiencing your life in reaction.  Every time a similar event shows up in your life, your mind quickly retrieves the old emotional wounding or 'charge' and you find yourself 'reacting' to this new moment in a very old way.  These are how patterns establish themselves.  Once these 'charges are cleared and your field is balanced, the reactive emotions are released, your life force energies increase and you begin to experience life based on the truth of what is actually before you; you respond.  Auto-pilot transforms into a freedom to choose your own course and your inner joy reawakens as you discover your authentic self.

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