Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression is one of the most powerful tools of self discovery available to individuals today.  A personal regression offers you the opportunity to unravelyour own personal mystery related to your self esteem and self governance, patterns of relationships in love and family dynamics, financial issues of wealth and prosperity, health issues, phobias, unexplained patterns present in your life and so many more.  Through the use of the non-hypnotic Jameison Method past life regression therapy, you may very well find the resolution and integration of your present life circumstances that have been anchored in your long forgotten past.

HISTORY of The Jameison Method ~  In 1968, Bryan Jameison developed a method of past life regression that was non-hypnotic. He believed that the truest inner healing during a past life session occured when a client was fully conscious and in control of their experience while working closely with their higher self.  His clients proved him right in every instance.  He made a commitment to the integrity of this work and dedicated over thirty years of his life to this remarkable form of healing.  Bryan went on to successfully facilitate more than 25,000 regressions, while training many others as facilitators of his method. 

In 1993 he trained and mentored Teressa Fenison as a facilitator and in 1998 authorized her to continue his research and the training of facilitators in his method.  At the time of his passing in December of 2002, Bryan Jameison and his wife Beryl were working on the completion of a final manuscript.  Teressa was recently offered this manuscript and asked to complete it and with the encouragement and blessing of Bryan's widow finalized the training program for Certifying Facilitators in the Jameison Method
TM.  She is currently working on the completion of Bryan's last manuscript and training others in this remarkable form of Past Life Regression.

If you would like to schedule a personal regression session or register for the next intensive to train as a certified past life regressionist, please contact Teressa by email at

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