Heartwisdom Teachings ®
The Heartwisdom Teachings ® were inspired in the Fall of 1995 and are intended as a series of seven books of inspirations and meditations on everyday humanity.  The series includes a set of cards that might be drawn when looking for an awareness or invitation from Spirit to consider a new perception.  You will find the use of the word "God" within these inspirations and though this is the word that I use when referring to what I call 'LIFE' or the 'Creative Intelligence', you may as easily substitute your own word or words.  These books and cards are aligned with the established seven chakra system within the human body and those inspirations in harmony with each chakra are color coded.

The full Treasures of Heartwisdom ® series are in the process of being completed and reprinted.  If you are curious or feel drawn to explore the Heartwisdom's, bookmark the 'Weekly Heartwisdoms' page and check back frequently as we will be presenting a weekly "Heart Wisdom"  for your inspiration.
PREFACE to The Heartwisdom Books

These writings were inspired by my own desperate pleas for understanding during my daughter Alexandra's exodus from cancer remission in 1995.  I believed the writings that began were simply serendipity.  These inspirations gave me a new and beautiful focus for living.  I began to experience the presence of a clear joy while living fully in every moment.

It wasn't until months later as the messages continued to write themselves that I realized these writings were a gift from Spirit.  They were about the truth of a greater reality of Joy in the process of Life we call love and creation.  This was of the presence we call God and the Oneness that encompasses all names and all faces, deeply surrounding our every breath.

Asking for understanding from the depths of my heart, I simply decided to listen.  What I heard carried me gently through a profound journey with my eight year old daughter.  We were encouraged to recognize that we do have choices in our lives.  Living fully is one of them and it matters not, the length of the days but in the fullness of the moments.  Surrendering our fear in the faith of Life and a loving God is another way of looking at it.

Perhaps there is a message that will touch your own heart and carry you through your own journey.  We discovered it is through our awakened desire to return to the greatness of our loving origins, that we begin to seek, to listen, and finally... to hear.  May you each be blessed with the understanding of who you truly are.

"May love fill you up ~ from the inside out."
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