Gemstone Sessions

Gemstone Layouts currently available:

Basic Layout One
Basic Layout Two

Clearing the Aura to Zero
Quick Layout
Deep Relax
For Stress and Burnout
Stomach Special
To Inspire The Voice of the Heart
Balancing the Chakra Cord
Diabetes Layout
Layout for the Back and Spine
For Balance in the Body
Layout for the Kidneys
Total Balancing for the Solar Plexus
Life Force Energy & Recharging Life Force
For Softness and Loving Feelings
Lung Clearing
For Mental Stability
Becoming Close to Nature's Energy
Opening the Throat and Heart Chakras
For Spiritual Strength
Strengthening the Heart Chakra
Layout to Prevent a Cold
To Connect with Rays of your Higher Self

Advanced First Layout
Alternative Advanced Layout

Red Energy
Orange/Gold Energy
Yellow Energy
Green Energy
Blue Energy
Violet Energy
Whjte Energy
The Ultimate Rising Energy
The Ultimate Creativity Energy
Nature's Energy
To Enhance the Flow of Heart Energy
To Enhance the Bonds of Love
To Inspire the Voice of the Heart
For Rest and Peace in the Heart Chakra
To Inspire Warmer Feelings of Love

Layout for the New Human - Step #1
Layout for the New Human - Step #2
Layout for the New Human - Step #3
Layout for your Inner Force
The New Chakra's Completion
For Balancing All Levels of Ourselves
Opening the Mind for Spiritual Clarity
Healing Depression
Connecting with Nature
Connecting with Nature Beings
Connecting with Animals
Healing Addictions
Connecting with Earth
For Fabricating New DNA Strands
For Balancing Body Flows
For Completing the Aura's Shape Changes
Merging with The New Earth
Brain Development #1
Brain Development #2
Brain Development #3
Emotional Pain and Transformation
Memories of Your Higher Self's Past
Activation of Your Body's Water
Connecting with Earth's Soul - Step #1
Connecting with Earth's Nature - Step #2
Connecting with Essential Being of Light
Connecting with Creation and Beyond
Connecting with Family Bonds
Exploring your Higher Potential - Step 1
Developing your Intuition - Step #2
Memories of Harmony - Step #3
Inner Balance of Brain for Spiritual - Step #4

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Gemstone Classes available ~ see our Agenda.


Higher Harmonics
Gemstone Healing
     Private (Hands on) Session

  1.0 hour                     $125    

 1.5 hours                   

 2.0 hours                   
    Remote Gemstone Sessions

  3 Layouts per session   $65

Do you make home visits?
Yes.  If you are in the Tucson area and within ten miles, you may schedule a healing session in your home, simply add an additional $25.  Travel session appointments must be made three days in advance.

Gemstone Healing

Why have a gemstone session?

Gemstone layouts and gemstone healing sessions
are a remarkable way to easily integrate energies your system might require to re-establish harmony and balance.  An energetic imbalance might appear as physical distress, illness, low energy, depression, spiritual confusion or even feeling stuck.

What is a session?
Gemstone healing sessions are when a set of gemstones or minerals are laid out on the body with a specific intention.  A session may be done in person hands-on or through remote distance healing layouts.  Both sessions are equally effective, though it often just feels nice to have the stones placed on you physically. 

What if I live too far away?
If your circumstances don't allow you to be physically present, a remote session with a skilled practitioner provides great results.  We've had more than one person rave about the peaceful harmony washing over them or share with us the amazing details of their experience during the session itself and the results afterwards.

How long does the energy of the layout work for me?
Most people feel the stones and their affects immediately and the layout itself will integrate with the physical body for some time after the layout is completed.  As every person is unique, your actual timing will be your own. For those of you who would like to continue working with the energies of a particular layout, we can program the energy into a stone for you to carry.  The Botswana Agate is programmed in a special way to hold the frequency of the layout in harmony with your personal energy.  You would carry and work with this stone as needed; ask us about this prior to your session.

How long does a gemstone session take?
It depends on what you desire to accomplish.  We offer 1 hour, 1.5 hour and 2 hour sessions during which time you would receive anywhere from 1 to 5 gemstone layouts.

Who chooses the layouts I receive?
During your first few sessions it is recommended to begin with one of the basic layouts.  After the basic layout, any other layouts are mutually agreed upon based on your needs or chosen by the practitioner to meet your goals.

Can I learn how to do this?

Yes.  We give monthly gemstone healing classes where you are trained to work with these layouts.  At the end of class, you will have worked with many of the layouts and be able to work with others.  It's a fun class and a great way to receive alot of healing work while you're learning!  More class info ~ click here!

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