Gemstone Healing

Gemstone Healing

What exactly is gemstone healing?

NASA, the computer industry and even our original radios and televisions used and are using crystals for energy amplification and data storage.  It is a scientific fact that crystals have a strong ability to work with and amplify frequency, whether working with NASA, Microsoft or the human body.
In this instance, gemstone healing is when a specific set or combination of harmonized and balanced stones are placed on the body.  When placed appropriately, a gemstone healing can significantly lift the vibrational frequency of the etheric, mental and physical bodies.  Each layout has a particular vibration and purpose; from opening one up to an increased ability to feel, absorb and experience more love, creativity or connection. 

What are gemstone layouts?

   Gemstone layouts are a combination of balanced stones that are harmonized together for a specific purpose or intent.  The different layouts offer an individual the possibility of healing on a very deep and lasting level, allowing individuals to experience life with a much higher frequency; translating into joy, love, positive outlook and greater development of the mind.  These gemstone layouts can also assist the body and mind to ground our spiritual growth and development, enabling us to fully manifest our Divine bodies and purpose.

How can little gemstones affect me?

   Everything in our Universe is filled with vibration and through sympathetic resonance, our personal vibrations can be lifted by the stronger vibrations of stones.  By placing stones that work harmoniously with each other on our bodies, we affect the body, the aura, the psychic and the etheric bodies altogether on a very deep and positive level.
   If our energy bodies are out of balance, this can manifest as physical and psychological imbalances and disorders; disease.  The gemstone layouts vibrationally correct and heal these imbalances by adding to and balancing with those frequencies needed.

Why do gemstones hold an ability to heal?

   There is a cosmic energy that literally 'rains' down continuously onto us, our planet and everything on it.  This 'rain' of energy literally contains the entire spectrum of creational color.  All color is also vibration and frequency.  When this rain of energy hits a specific mineral, this mineral soaks up a part of the 'rain' and within it a specific color frequency.  The color it soaks up depends on the base structure of the mineral; that is, the presence of any metallic compounds, it's atomic weight, roughness, crystalline form, size, etc.
   Every little stone is filled with it's own specific color energy or vibration.  Alone, the stone will emit its individual color, but combined with another mineral or stone, the colors will blend into a shared one which amplifies the effects the stones have on us.  The combinations we use are very specific and that's only part of what makes these layouts so very unique!

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