Gemstone Classes

Gemstone Healing Classes with Certification

Gemstone Class One 
  • Learn and use gemstones in distance healing layouts.
  • Experience this unique way of feeling the vibration of stones.
  • Learn a wide range of practical gemstone healing layouts and their applications.
  • Experience each of these healing layouts during class as a practitioner and client.
  • Learn how to connect on the sacred levels of light and vibration with each stone as you learn to facilitate gemstone healing for others.
  • Learn to understand the intricate art of balancing and harmonizing stones to work together in a very unique and powerful way to facilitate shifts in yourself and others.
  • Learn to imbed a single stone with the energy of a full stone layout for an individual to carry.
  • Learn why stones carry vibrations that are so valuable for humanity.
  • Learn how to build a basic healing kit with stones that work well together.
  • $325.00

Gemstone Class Two
  • Learn how to program and balance the vibrations of stones.
  • Learn a wide range of specific gemstone healing layouts and their applications for healing, meditation and aura work.
  • Learn how to open a Portal for Angels with gemstones.
  • Learn to create elixirs and gemstone aura baths
  • Receive recipes and instructions for creating your own elixirs.
  • Experience giving and receiving up to 15 different gemstone layouts during class.
  • Open yourself to greater creativity, increased vibrational frequency and balance your aura with every color of the rainbow.
  • Learn more ways to work with yourself and others with gemstone healing layouts
  • $325.00

Gemstone Healing Practitioner Certifications are two-day classes that include a training manual, class study and discussion, hands on experience giving and receiving, an initiation or attunement and a certificate for a modest $325.00 

Please check our Agenda for upcoming classes. 

Gemstone Healing Certification may be taken out of order, which means you might take a Level Two or Three class and then take a Level One as they are not dependent on each other.  If you have ever loved stones or are simply curious how it all works and want to play or make it your life's work, come join us and take a step or a dive into gemstone healing! 

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