Free Distance Healing
Use the form below to register and receive our free monthly global energy healing.  Remember to register every month. This is a distance energy healing session in which you will set  your personal intentions (entirely unlimited) and we will amplify those intentions during the healing session.  You do not have to be awake during the session as long as you have preset your intentions. These are profound and focused sessions and our gift to encourage and support you on your journey!  

This distance healing is supported by your donations, and any amount you feel is worthwhile is sincerely appreciated!

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Contact Information for Free Energy Healing Session
Next session: NOV 15, 2014 @ 9 pm Arizona Time

If you have approximately one hour to be still and contribute your own focused presence and intention for receiving and would like to be included in our free monthly healing, please complete the following form.  All information is confidential and will not be shared.  You must re-register each month.  This is a one hour distance energy healing session (not a LIFEfield clearing) sent simultaneously Worldwide from the US.  We will be offering this session the 15th of every month at 9:00 pm Arizona Time (google it) as an ongoing compassionate service to humanity. Our work is supported by your donations using the link above. Your donations are greatly appreciated! NOTE: Please don't sign up anyone other than yourself without their knowledge and permission as this must be a conscious and aware choice to actively participate. 

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