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Teressa upholds the vision of radiance within your awakened heart.  She is an accomplished International Speaker, Author, Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, Spiritual Life Coach, Healing Practitioner and Master Teacher.  She was ordained in 2001 with her ministerial license and Masters in Metaphysics which she utilizes in her spiritual counseling.  Teressa encourages an individual's inner awakening during her lectures and classes, while sharing nurturing insights and wisdom from her heart.

Education & Certification
LIFEfield Technique TM 
Founder; Master Teacher & Practitioner

Jameison ® Method Past Life Regression 
s & Certifies Past Life Regressionists
Private Regression Sessions
CD Process ® 
Manifestation Workshop Trainer

TLC TM Transformational Life Coaching 
Master Spiritual Coach

Universal White Time Healing
Practitioner of Levels I, II, III & IV
Teacher of Practitioners ~ Levels I, II, III & IV
Teacher of Teachers ~ All Levels
Reiki ~Usui Shiki Ryoho, Karuna & Teramai
Practitioner of Levels I, II, III & Master
Master Teacher of all Levels

Author: The Heartwisdom Teachings TM and the Heartwisdom CardsTM

Magical Child
© Self-Empowerment Course
Creator & Facilitator

Wild Women Retreats ~ Spiritual Renewal & Transformation

Books in progress:

                  Life Shift ~ Tools for Transformational Times
                  Life Transitions ~ A Joyful Homecoming!
                  Magical Child
"I'm Bigger than the Me I see!"
                  The Heartwisdom Teachings
                                         ~ series continuation

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