Advanced Energy Medicine
Advanced Silver and Platinum Energy Sessions ~
                                     Uniquely Tailored for the Individual

Drawing on a diversity of integrative energy techniques, a gentle unlocking of reactive patterns is woven, clearing the discord and shifting perceptions allowing healing to take place, creating an expansion of the heart and Soul.  This uniquely integrative healing harmonizes and balances the communication and flow between mind, body, emotions and Spirit encouraging you to become aware of your real Self.  Each uniquely designed session is individually tailored for your current needs and a gentle, yet powerful tool for transforming life. 

Silver and Platinum sessions, which include intuitive body scanning, begin at $250.00 per hour.  Please inquire regarding your specific needs.

Private or Remote Energy Coaching Sessions
1/2 Hour Session     $100.00
1.0 Hour Session     $150.00
1.5 Hour Session     $215.00
2.0 Hour Session     $275.00
2.5 Hour Session     $350.00

Advanced Remote Energetic Sessions
1 Session     $175.00
Includes one of the advanced energy choices

Advanced Energy Choices
Chakra Clearing / Balancing
Advanced Aura Cleansing
Physical Balancing and Realignment
Clearing of Negative Cords
Sacred Geometry / Color Layouts
Spiritual Openings

Higher Harmonics Gemstone Healing Sessions

1.0 Hour Session     $125.00
1.5 Hour Session     $175.00
2.0 Hour Session     $225.00

Transformational Life Coaching Sessions
1.0 Hour Session     $150.00

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