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May the Greater Light of the Divine ignite
the Spiritual Flame of your Heart

Lighted Spirit Institute is committed to consciously amplifying the inner light of the Divine, individually and collectively carried, to amplify our awakening humanity.

Whether you are seeking insights, higher learning or a sacred space to rest, realign or rediscover your true balance and harmony, Lighted Spirit is committed to providing the most conscious tools, training and energy work available

Our site and services are designed to expand your consciousness and increase awareness in your daily life, supporting balance within your personal world and the greater collective whole.  We are all a part of something so much bigger than our minds have the ability to conceive. We invite you to join us in
the awakening of humanity and a radiant world through the Light of the Individual Heart!

Training for Practitioners ~
Innovative and complete Life-Evolving Energy Courses & Certified Practitioner Training
for the leading Holistic Health community and everyday people who are open to learning more about their innate healing abilities for themselves and others.

Our courses are complete with certification.  We work with each individual to expand their awareness and abilities from wherever they are on their spiritual path.
  We support the awakening and expansion of your personal heart wisdom and self awareness.

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Private Sessions for our Clients ~ We provide personal energetic rejuvenation sessions for the overstressed and over-burdened individual who simply wishes to sink into relaxed oblivion while enjoying an hour or more of replenishing energy work or gemstone balancing.  Past Life Regressions are a favorite alternative and these two to three hour sessions are offered for the intrepid explorers who wish to integrate or resolve the ancient issues of karma that may yet be entangling the edges of their life.

Sessions and Courses offered ~
  Reiki, LIFEfield Technique, Emotrance, EFT, Universal White Time Healing, CinjiDo and The Way of Light, Gemstone Balancing,
Past Life Regression, CD Process for Manifestation, Heart Energy Transformations, Advanced Energy Medicine and The Heartwisdom Teachings.  

Class sizes are kept small and intimate with 2 - 8 students to provide personal attention and optimum understanding of the materials for every student.  Courses and Group workshops are currently taught in Tucson and Sedona, AZ as well as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Europe. Individual private sessions and Platinum Individual Intensives are available and may encompass a variety of modalities. 

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Thank you for your heart full donations! 
May your blessings be multiplied and effortlessly returned a thousandfold.

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"Glorious indeed is the world of God around us,
but more glorious
the world of God within us.

Henry Waldo Longfellow (1807-1882)

"Thank you for the gift of your visit."

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